Not worth living


Verse One:

So where do we go from here

From awkward silences to self doubt

In no time at all,

things started to fall apart

I believed in us,

but I guess it wasnt enough

I thought for once that both

you and I were tough...


So why are were here out on the edge

Dangling so dangerously over the ledge

We have taken what we hae been given

Can't you see without you,

My life is not worth living

Verse Two:

Maybe we were put under too much pressure,

Maybe we couldnt handle the stress

but I still see us together,

You in a tux; me in a wedding dress

Maybe it is too much to hope for

but just make sure what you feel,

before I walk out that door

Repeat Chorus

Verse three:

You say you would understand

If I chose someone else

but in your eyes I found my better self

Mayeb that is not what love is all about

but I know its also not about self doubt

Repeat chorus

Oh don't you see,

its not worth living

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