Angel By My Side


Out in the middle of the ocean,

Lost in the middle of the sea

Held captive by the demons

Cannot seem to escape your memory

Trying to swim to the shore,

But not making any progress,

The harder I try,

The further from land I get

Wondering if I will ever reach the edge

Where water disappears,

And I can get dry

Lost out in the middle of the ocean of tears

Screaming at the top of my lungs for help, but drowning anyway

Close my eyes to run away from my fears

Wondering in that moment if saving is possible, and if it will happen that day

Rpt chrs

The winds start blowing, coming in fast

Shivering cold, wondering if this day would be my last

I’m not one praying, but that day I prayed real hard

“Help me out of this mess, I don’t care if I come out really scarred”

And I felt a little energy,

Something moving within

I looked up and saw a shining star,

To help me know I had it all along,

And all I have to do is pray to find it again

So I tried swimming to the shore

And I got closer and closer with every stroke

This time I did not to try as hard,

I had a little help to guide my way

An angel by my side,

To let me know it is okay

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