You Healed Me



Love, I let you in

Dismissing every warning sign

Disregarded every thing you said

Let the journey take its course

Thought it would all be fine

And that is because you healed me

Yeah love you healed me

Verse one:

Their love happened after a chance meeting

They both thought fate brought them together, hearts beating

Those two hearts then turned into one

And like beautiful sparrows, flew towards the sun

The journey started as two dark souls were looking for the light

So their first step was to sail off together into the night

Verse two:

What would become of those two complete strangers

Would they stay together for a life time

Their journey met a lot of struggles

And brought along horrendous pain

Together though they thought they could make it

But their love was not strong enough to stop the rain

Verse three:

They saw that the water was getting too deep

Wondered if their was something to keep

They just knew they had to let go

Even though the two lovers did not want to

The stars still shined as the fire of their love died

Apart the lost lovers learned how to survive

Verse four:

You were there for me when I was down

You were the one who turned everything around

But some things are not meant to last forever

For all of these reasons, I will always remember the times we had together


My love I let you in

Never thinking about the warning signs

I disregarded everything you said

Really thought that we would be fine

Traveled along loves journey

In the end to watch it die

But all along the way you healed me inside

You healed me inside

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