[What if I did not love you?]

Nov. 07

What if I said I did not feel the same about you that you feel about me

Would you be hurt or suprised

Le go and understand

Or haunt me for the rest of our lives

It is hard to know what love is when it is always distant

Physically and emotionally

Walking out more than you stay

Is that what love is really madeof

Leave at the first struggle

Well life is full of struggles,

so how is any love supposed to work

I was always the strong one,

holding us together,

Only to watch you walk right out the door

Wondering if it would be for the last time

I cannot continue with the back and forth

Happiness to sorrow

Wondering day to day if you still care

If you'll be there tomorrow

The wounds too deep to ever heal

Shards too sharp to ever conceal

The soul inside me

Too full of rage just waiting to escape

So I cannot say if I still love you

becuase this still is not real

Prove to me that you will stay and never leave

Then maybe I will believe that you never will

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