One Day

Nov. 07

Sick of what I see in the mirror

The compliments you give me are not much clearer

I wonder if everyone is a liar

It is too late to care because my faith in people has expired

Handing me food?

How could you?

Only making me fatter

If I don't stop eating all this,

Soon I'll be a goner

Or just too fat and ugly to be cared for

So I will throw it all away

Get rid of it, now

I promise to not eat another bite

That is a solemn vow

The sight of food makes me want to vomit

and if I take another bite I swear I will

I need to get it out of my system

Before it takes control

Adding to my weight

It will never leave me then

I will make damn sure I lose it all

One day I will look in the mirror

and won't feel so damn disgusting

Bones may protrude

But I'll flaunt it with attitude

One day I will be glamorous

and no one is going to stop me from getting there

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