--Crazy Love--

Nov. 07

Is love supposed to make one crazy

Well it has driven me insane

Covering up with a bunch of lies

Just to hide my pain

I want you to know the real me

but it makes me mad that you can't even tell me the truth

If your love was totally honest

Tell me what would be the proof

I can't wait forever for you to learn honesty

So I cannot expect you to stay

If I lose you because I cannot love a stranger

I guess that is the price I have to pay

So tell me honest now, what are your intentions

To love me then leave me the next day

Or are you going to change

and finally choose to stay

because if you stay I am counting on you to be there

because if love makes me crazy, I can't bare to have my heart broken

I would not know what to do

If I lost you

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