{Let Me In}

Nov. 07

So tired of playing these games with you

All of the back and forth,

You are leaving me so confused

Not sure wether you will be there when I wake

Or if you will walk away for heavens sake

I want to think of the future and imagine you there

Not to look into it with no one to care

I would never leave you, not even if times were at the worst

I would wait it out, because I do love you

and I think that is worth anything I'd ever have to go through

Maybe I do not matter that much to you

If you leave as soon as a problem starts

Don't  you know how much that tears me apart

The sun is always shining even if all you can see is darkness

and I can be the light for you

The one to guide you through

but first you have to let me inside

Instead of playing your games

Where you run and hide

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