[{You Didn't Try}]

Nov. 07

It has always been easier to watch you leave

Than it is to ever have faith in you and believe

You have left more times than proved you care

The second I close my eyes, I open them to find you are not there

You did not say I love you, all I heard was goodbye

You kept on saying that you gave our love a good try

But I have to say that I disagree

Because if you would have tried, you wouldn't have left so easily

I don't believe you knew the meaning of love

because you don't easily give up

You hold on and say strong

Even if it hard and the wait is long

It has always been easier to watch you go then to see you stay

and it is foolish to believe that it is better this way

You keep on telling me you gave our love a try

Then why so easily did you say goodbye

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