I Don't Remember You:

Nov. 07

Everything has changed

The seasons have rearranged

Summer has turned into the fall

and I don't remember anything about you at all

The tides have come and gone

Washing all my memories to the shore

I look to the sun setting in the background

and realize I don't remember you anymore

I don't have to find other ways to cope

Or ways to cover up my tears

I finally forget about you

Although it took me all these years

I can look into the future

and I no longer see you there

I have forgotten about the love we had

and how ou left without a care

I thought I would never get over you

Never thought I would see the day

But as I look to my future

You have gone far away

Everything has changed,

My life has totally rearranged

Just like the years roll on by, the summer has turned into the fall

and it is so simple to say, I don't remember you at all

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