Commit To Failure



I am so pathetic,so pitiful

I am a liar, and a cheater

I said things that were never true

and made promises

just to say things you wanted to hear

But we both know I cannot commit

To a single thing

Except to always fail


I gave our love a shot

Although I know I wasnt deserving

You deserved so much better than this loser

I could not see past my scars far enough to find your heart

So in the end I tore every thing we had apart

Repeat Chorus once

Verse 2:

I took for granted the only love

I would ever find

I was crazy,

I was so out of my mind

I hurt everyone who ever cared

I know in my heart no one would stay

Even if they were dared

Repeat chorus once

Verse 3:

We could not last and the blame is all on me

Love can make one blind,

So I could not see

The damage that I was creating

The blame is all on me

Repeat Chorus twice

The blame is all on me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The blame is all on me.

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