{ I will raise my hands high,

  Praise you up above

  Thank you for your grace

  and sending me love }

I awoke to a new day

Shining brighter than ever before

I felt some sort of strong power

Making me plead for more

I wanted to know more,

who was there, calling for me

and when I looked around

There was no one I could see

Repeat Chorus

I used to stumble through the darkness,

I was so confused

I always said I did not need you as a saviour

but I was wrong because you are the cure

When I walk through the darkness of the night

I can call your name to guide me to the light

Repeat chorus

I searched for love and things in vain

Only finding more sorrow and pain

and true love can only be found in your time

So precious lord, I am glad to let you take your time

and glad to let you in this heart of mine

Repeat chorus


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