The Darkest Part Of Me


Verse 1:

I put up walls

A safe place to hide within

Wanted to hide from the world

So they could not see where I have been

Desperate for the truth,

Living a life full of lies

If I said I wanted honesty there’d be no proof

This mask I wear is just another disguise


I hid the darkest part of me,

Lost in my own world

Give up the secrets,

They broke you down girl

Time to tell what is real,

And what is not

Soon the darkest part of me

Will be all that I got


Waited too long to pick up the pieces

Now they have turned to dust

Just a pile of ashes,

That once was made of rust

Can’t bandage up my heart

When it is cremated on the ground

Torn and twisted apart

I’m not sure if it can all be found

Rpt chorus


I’ll give into this, maybe it is time to succumb

To the truth in the story, unraveled and undone

I’ll come back to life; I’ll come back to life

Though I have lost my drive, I’m still alive,

I’m still alive

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