Just Give Me A ChANce:::


Verse 1:

Just give me a chance

Put your hands in mine

and lets dance together

Just open up your eyes

I promise no secrets,

no lies


and if I am not everything that you want

You can walk right out the door

You can say goodbye to me,


But just give me a chance

and I will prove

that I can be everything you need

Just give me a chance

A chance, with you...

Verse 2:

Just give me a chance

More than one passing glance

I am putting my heart out on the line

Sacrificing my dignity for your love

Won't you sacrifice  anything for me

Even just a chance?


Verse 3:

I want to spend forever with you

Cant you see

My feelings are strong

My love is real

I would rip my heart in two

and bleed till I am bled dry

As long as that would be proof

So won't you give me at least a chance

to prove this to you

Rpt chorus


Give me a chance

and if I am not the one for you

I will walk away

But I know you would be happy

Each and every day

If only you would give me a chance,

Just a chance...

Rpt Chorus

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