What She Sees

October 2006

Is the person I see

Staring back at me

From the mirror really me

Or is that just a hallucination

Of my intoxicated mind

Am I really as ugly as I imagine

Or do I see things thorugh those magic carnival windows

The ones that surround and make you look foolish

Because I feel like a fool when I look at myself

Are we our own worst critics, even in our looks

i can't help but feel disgust when I look in the mirror

I can't stand what I see staring back at me

Such a beautifully dead body

Outside and in

Feeling guilty for all I have done wrong

All the mistakes I have made all along

In the mirror I see a girl so fragile and weak

Words break her so easily

She doenst know how to handle a thing anymore

She's so sick and tired of bleeding crimson on the floor

Nothing was worth the pain anymore

Ready to just give up

But she had one constant thing to keep her going

This girl would give anything to change what she sees

Who would have guessed that this girl would be me

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