A Secret Lover



(You lie, )

(But do you cheat )

(Do you fancy another )

(Do you have a secret lover )

(Is she hidden under the covers )

(Are you runnin' around on me )

(Well what are you waiting for)

(Go and chase her, )

(Your secret lover)

Verse 1

You get home late

And as soon as you walk through the door

You look suspicious

Running around the house like a madman

Whos got a ton of guilt on his mind

For the past few weeks you have been acting kind of fishy

Should I be worried

What is the reason behind you walking through the door late all the time

Repeat chorus

Verse 2:

You never used to dress like that

You never dressed up when even we would go out

So why are you dressing up to hang with the guys

And the way that you act

What is up with that

You are acting so proper

And I can't figure out

You never wanted to change for even me

So I can't help but wonder

Repeat chorus

Verse 3::

Its not just coincidence

You just didnt change out of the blue

You had to have some motive

To put yourself through what you went through

You brought the thunder,

The rain and all the pain

But out of nowhere sunshine surrounds

Whats the deal?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:

Don't you love me anymore

Am I not the girl you were looking for

Well if that is true

Just don't lie

Tell me the truth

Tell me the reasoning as to why

R. Chs.


You Lie {Oh, You lie...}

But do you cheat {Cheat}

Do you fancy another {another}

Do you have a secret lover {secret}{Secret lover}

Is she under the covers {Covers}

Are you runnin' around on me {runnin'}

Well, what are you waitin for {waitin for }

Go after her,

Your secret love {Secret, your secret lover}

If she is real, get ready

Because if she is real we are through {through}

If shes your secret, your secret lover {lover}

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