You Say

October 2006

You say that you care

But you treat me like I am not there

And that just isnt fair

You are so unaware

You say that you love me

But I guess I just can't see

Why you treat me the way that you do

But without you I am just so blue

You say that you want to be together forever

But I don't know if we'll last through all the weather

The storms, with the rain

We both feel so much pain

You say you want this, you want us

And you will try

I just don't know if I can believe your lie

But I know if I lose you I would surely do

So don't say a thing

I can no longer believe

Just give me a kiss

Before I leave

Don't say the words

I know they are not true

Just hold me tightly

Whatever you do

No more lies,

Just the truth

I love you always

We don't need any proof

I say no lies for you to believe

I wear my heart on my sleeve

I never gave you reason to not believe me

I never gave you reason to leave

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