Another lonely summer night

The rain is pouring down

Looking out the same old window

Watching as all the cars pass by

As I feel the memories flood from my mind


I still remember everything about you

and all of the love we shared

Back in those days

Praying for love to stay

Watching you walk away

A match made in heaven

We fit together so perfectly

Night after night together

Walking hand in hand

Promises were broken

As our love faded

All we had became so jaded

Repeat Chorusss

Now I walk these streets alone

Feeling so torn

Everyday our love, I mourn

No sun to light my darkened sky

I keep on asking myself, 'why'

I guess that is what I'll never know

For some reason I just had to let you go

I still love you so...

Repeat Chorusss

I still remember the love we shared

I have always cared

I still love you...


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