Sweet Misery



Sweet misery, You loved me

Sweet misery, You were all that I had

Sweet misery, although I never knew you

You always treated me bad

Sweet misery, you always make me so sad

Sweet misery, You make me so mad

Verse 1:

Sweet misery, why did you walk into my life

Bringing me out of my shell

Introducing me to a life of endless hell

Walking me towards my comfort, the knife

sweet misery, you pushed me off the ledge

Catching me by the hand, hanging off the edge

Oh, Sweet misery, You are so confusing...

Repeat chorus:

Verse 2:

Sweet misery, sing to me again

Lie to me, tell me that you are my friend

Love me, then leave me..

It is all the same

It is all apart of your vicious game

There are no rules

you play as you feel

But not by the heart

That would be too surreal

Oh, sweet misery, You are too confusing

How can I win when I am constantly losing

Repeat chorus:

Verse 3:

Sweet misery, Make up your mind

Sweet misery, stop wasting my time

Either be there, or be there not

Were you ever really there, I forgot

Love me or leave, doesnt matter to me

Just make up your mind

and please hurry

Repeat chorus


Just stop it all

Sweet misery,  please

You hurt me so bad (bad)

You make me so sad (sad)

You make me so mad (mad)


Sweet misery....

Please, ...stop (stop?)

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