Standing Alone



My love, I gave you my all

I gave you my hopes and my dreams

I gave you my tears and all of my fears

I gave you my heart and soul and the keys

Yet here I stand alone in the rain

My heart bleeding from all of the pain

Verse 1:

We were once together

We found happiness

We found peace

We ran together; wild and free

But in the end it happened,

Something we couldnt forsee

That horrific day, you left me

Standing alone

So far from my home

Repeat Chorus:


I had left my horrible life

In hopes of our future

That once had shined so bright

You were once my guiding light

But you left me out on the street

Feeling so lost and incomplete

Wondering where to go from there

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:

I couldnt go back home

That was someplace I didnt belong

You told me that I would be okay,

You told me to just be strong

But how could I be when you left me all alone

So I kept standing alone in the rain

Knowing that is how it would always be

Because you were the only one for me

Repeat Chorus:


Oh, you were the only one for me...

Standing all alone (alone)

Out in the rain (the rain)


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