End of My Pain



you spend your whole life waiting

for something to turn out right

you go to sleep

crying at night

you wonder whats worth living at all

when you learn to walk

before you learn how to crawl

verse 1:

You woke up in the morning

crying so bad

remembering all

that you once had

you stumble down the stairs

with tears in your eyes

and you find that nobody is home once again

verse 2:

you quietly walk in to the kitchen

and turn on the light

you walk to the drawer

wondering the whole time

what you have been fighting for

you grab a knife and stumble back to your room

hoping that it would all be over soon

you sit there and think of the past

in fear,

remembering the love that could not last

verse 3:

you pick up the knife and bring it close to your self

one little cut and all the pain would be gone

then you think of your family who wouldn't miss you

and the friends that you cant trust

then you think of the one you always loved so much..


because of the love that you could have never had

you ended up in pain..

oh its all so sad..

because of him.. this is the end

life is just too much.. so this is the end..

Oh.. the end

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