She Said Goodbye


Another tear falls down her face

she feels so lost, so out of place

crimson pouring from her veins

she looks to the sky and says once again


God why me?

this just isnt fair

why am i only happy when it rains?

why do i have to feel so much pain?

Please just make it all stop

she broke down again

she cried herself to sleep another time

everyone says she has crossed the line

they all thinks that she is crazy

but she is just grieving for him

talking to his stone

she hates feeling so alone


she couldnt take it anymore

the pain was just to much to bear

she couldnt live without him there

she looked to the sky one final time

and said....

altered chorus:

god why me this just isnt fair

i can't live without him here

the pain is just too much to bear

since you never stopped it like i asked

i must say goodbye...

she said goodbye to the world

all because the pain was just too much

She said.......goodbye....

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