If You Were Gone


A lot of things go thru my mind

everytime i think of you

Seems so far away for us

for our future

i look back and wonder why you even cared

and I remember why,

because I was always there


and would the world

keep on moving

if forever never came

would the world keep on spinning,

Keep on spinning just the same

and would the words I never said

come back to me again

Would I regret

could I forget

If you were gone

looking back on the day we met

I remember the words

I remember your scent

so strange how things happen

and how you cannot turn back

I just gotta know ...

repeat chorus

I have been thinking about the time we shared

thinking only gets me nowhere

wondering, tripping on my thoughts

hoping you really cared

maybe i was too blind to see

signs that were missed

of something bigger than you and me

Repeat Chorus:

I wonder could i move on

if you were gone

could I ever be strong

I'm afraid that I can't make it on my own

all these tears I cry are for you

more than that,

I am afraid that without you,

I would die

without you, I would die....

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