Goodbye, Goodnite


Sweetheart, wake up soon

I need you

Your alarm clock goes off again

Still here you are

Why arent you breathing?

Hello, I am your long lost love

I would die for you; hello?

If you die before i wake,

You will always be loved

Please awaken

I am here trying to fix you

Hello; wake up

I am your life line

I'll let you hide; dont die.

I am crying for you

Suddenly i hear you straight line beeping...

You are not sleeping..

Hello, you are not here?

All that is life is a broken heart..

Love why did you have to go?

Take this knife someone please

Heres my suicide..

I am dead without you

Rain keeps falling and lives go on

the world moves on

But for two loves;

one life ends in suicide..

Goodbye; Goodnight.

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