Hello, Love, This Is Goodbye


Hello my love,

dont leave me again

it hurt so much the first time,

i just laid there and bled

almost to my death

has no one told you

that i need to breathe..


I am your dream girl

i will make you happy

i will make you smile

but if i do and don't believe

it is because i am living in a dream

but soon enough i will awaken

i am not broken enough to be fixed

besides i am the hopeless case; remember?


Yeah, i am the lie that lives for you..

i will show you happiness

just do not cry

my love i am right here holding you

so you can find a place to hide

now i am no longer sleeping

my love please awaken too

you were my yesterday..

you can't seem to awaken..

your heart stopped beating?

please dont die,

dont let it be?

hello, my love?

this is goodbye

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