Her Pain

                   she woke up with a pounding head

                   tears fall like raindops

                   she goes back to her bed

                   mascara falls from the night before

                   her pillow soaked wet with fears

                   her hears beats faster

                   but despite that she feels dead

                   she wishes it as well

                   all because she need no longer dread

                   her life falls apart right in front of    

                   her eyes

                   her heart keeps bleeding

                   no mattter how hard she tries

                   her hearts been broken many times before

                   she looks out her tainted window

                   and wonders what the sun is out for

                   the only thing that can bring her any joy

                   is walking in the rain

                   she does this so no one else can see her

                   cries of pain

                   everyone thinks of her as a big mistake

                   they do not realize that they cause her

                   a lot of heartache

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