Breathe Nevermore

Another night i am alone

Another night i turn off my phone

Another night alone in the dark

Another night without a spark

I find No light to guide my way

or no help from this despair

an acted of hatred drifts through the air

Misery keeps calling my name

seems like misery is the only reason i stay sane

through the tainted windows of my soul

i can see the rain falling

just like the tears fall from my eyes

trying to keep me from this pain

I walk to the darkenened corner of my room

ready for the end...willing yet weak

no matter how loud i am screaming

it seems like not a soul can hear me speak

tears keep falling as mascara runs down

fast enough that soon i may drown

I pick up the knife as my hearts start to race

i ponder if i would have the courage this time

to press down hard on my skin

to release all the bad things i feel within

blood pouring down onto the floor

and my last breath will be breathed nevermore

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