Just Another Hopeless Case?

I wake up each mourning

to welcome the bright new day

my head aching and mascara smeared

i walk to the mirror to look at my reflection

hoping for something to change...

hoping for once i would look pretty

but its always the same old me as i had feared

my eyes look so tired and weak

they are swollen and red from the night before

when i cried myself to sleep,

not like that is anything new.

i start to cringe the longer i look in the mirror

so i stumble back to my bed and lie down

no one bothered to call

if i would have died,

no one would have noticed

i want to stay secluded from the world

its much better that way

no chance for a broken heart

i wouldnt have to worry if anyone would stay

no broken promises to care for

maybe i would always be alone

but for my whole life i have always felt abandoned

so not like that is anything different

others should go on with their lives

I am just another hopeless case.

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