The Last Nite

I remember our last night together

the scariest thing i'd ever gone through

we had planned to go out...

but i said i wanted to talk

so we stayed in...

i planned on breaking us up..

not knowing how he'd react...

I sat him down biside me and just said that i was sorry

but we were over

we had nothing in common and we just werent getting anywhere

Tears started falling form his eyes..

he told me that he loved me and this just wasnt fair

he thought hthere was another guy..

but there wasnt.

i was just not ready to be so serious

he excused himself to go get some fresh air

later he came back with a razor,

a knife, a gun, some sleeping pills and some alcohol

asking me which to use...

he was going to end his life;

he couldnt make it on his own..

i tried to reassure him that he didnt need to end it

just because we werent together anymore

but he told me that i was why he stayed alive..

he planned on ending it if we broke up

i begged him not to do it....

then he asked me to do it for him..

he begged me to shoot him and kill him...

but i told him that i wouldnt dare

he said fine, "would you just hold my hand while i stab myself?"

i told him again, "No Way!"

he said fine then goodbye...

i had to runaway..

i couldnt bear to watch that scene...

i got far enough away to still see, but to where he couldnt see me

i watched him take the sleeping pills

and chase them down with alcohol

then i watched him stab himself in the chest..

he was horribly failing his quest

then he took the gun and pointed it towards his head

then pulled the trigger

and there i watched him fall to the floor

he was dead

i ran far away from the scence...before the ambulance came and took him away

why did the boy i once loved die?

what was the cause of his suicide?

another statistic, another wasted life?

another loss...

another time to pay the price....

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