Scared and Alone

She awakes in the little four white walled world

that she considers her home..

she is so scared....and she is so alone

no one there to share with her the beauty of today..

she wonders why her family treats her this way

she is left forgotten once again...

why do they do this?

Are they really that ashamed?

She gets on her knees and painfully prays

she wonders if god does really exist,

and if he really does,

why would he let something like this take place..

another tainted teardrop streams down her face...

she misses his touch, his warm embrace...

they had given each other everything they both had..

but he left the world so quickly,

she didnt realize that he was that bad

she could not get to her love fast enough

she thought he was the strongest guy in the world

but i guess for this fight he just wasnt tough

their promises for forever walking hand in hand

were washed away like the water washing away the beach sand

there is no more hope left for her tomorrow

all she feels is constant sorrow

can she really make it out there with her one true love

Will she fly away like the once alive turtle dove?

Feeling so empty and torn inside....

she cries another teardrop

and goes back to sleep

so scared and so alone

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