Your Epiphany


What is your epiphany?

Did you realize your dreams were all clichèd?

Did you realize they wer the same as any one persons?

did you realize that you were not unique?

what was your motif?

is that your point of view, the love inside of you?

did you have a vicious plot to get the one you loved inside your heart?

your life is like a pathos, the tender feeling you find in a piece of liturature...

You use laugher as a weapon, its your lifes curse

the play the show without even a rehearse

tomorrow is today in a black leathered hearse

you have become so cold that no one can warm up to you

nobody feels empathy nor sympathy for you

death is upon you now

the antagonist; death is waiting at your door

waiting for you to overdose and fall to the floor

No Mercy, no shame

the one with the matches wins the game

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