Philisophic Atrophy


This nostalgia has come back to haunt me

all the memories of the past have come to stay

never letting me find a brighter day

i keep all these rituals just trying to keep you away

i hear your narcisstic cries as you look longingly in the mirror

even though your mirror is the fine line between life and death

One side you see the person you used to be

and on the other side is who you are pretending to be

Will you ever be able to see the truth?

this dialogue has become tainted with so many lies

my reality is your living conflict, the chaos that you have created

your philosophy is atrophy

causing your motivation to waste away

you have no charisma, no charm

only causing dilemmas

becoming the drama queen you never wished to be

watch as your black soul disintegrates into ashes

that were burnt deep down to the inner of your core

living your life has become such a chore

you let down your mentor of life..

giving up, losing the fight to survive

how can you win with the lack of light?

do you regret what you have done?

do you regret what you have become?

you lost all humanism; turning into a robot

following others mistakes

causing others heartbreak,

all because you dont know how to give nor take

will you ever stop;

or will you try to reach the top?

Hurting others along the way,

wondering why nobody ever stays....

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