Feelings On My Sleeve


do i seem to be apathetic?

should i just let go and forget it?

do you ever know what it is like to be me?

Just go ahead.. lets see

do you ever feel..

regretful, remorseful or sorrowful?

No.. you have no reason to

It should be implicit what my feelings are

oh.. you want to be a star.. want to be a STAR?

you want to go far? fine, go far!

get out! It is time for you to leave, Im tired

of wearing these feelings on my sleeve

Goodbye! FIne, be that way!

you never gave me a chance to say..

that i pray and wish

that you would have stayed..

But you never listened..

so now, I hate you!

maybe hating you is innate?

maybe its my worst trait?

But now.. ..................im afraid

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