A Weakening Wall 2

I cherish you,

and captivate you...

fill your heart with thoughts of me

but you cannot see..

you are oblivious to the truth

blind to the obvious

i give you false perceptions

i show you truth, love and hope...

and compassion

where is the fire burning passsion,

my loving obsession

i carry you to your grave

let you disappear,

deeper and deeper

you are a weakening wall

I watch you fall

further and further

i feel your pulse and nothing is there..

but all is not lost

Can we save you?

At what cost?

I gave you false affection

but now i care?

I know that it wasnt fair

It was just a joke?

A Love, A Lust?

I wake up your weeping soul

but still you are a weakening wall..

I just sit there and watch you fall

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