A Girl

A girl...

stands alone in the rain

it is dark

and there is not another soul in sight

she looks up at the city

through the pouring rain

and sees all the lights

how come nobody wants her around?

Her boyfriend broke up with her..

and her friends all got into a huge fight..

and her parents told her she was a huge mistake

and that she didn't deserve to be alive

she just wanted to die..

in that moment, in that instance

she thought and she pondered of how she could change..

but she wouldn't learn till the future the effect of the change..

In Looks...

she starved herself

just to be thin

in health..

she got hooked on bad habits

like drugs and alcohol..

In her behavior...

she sped when she drove..

and she lied constantly to everyone she cared about

she threw away her life

her days dragged on .. she wondered why ...

was she suffering??...


that night..

when everyone in her house was asleep..

she took a knife...

and killed herself

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