This Is Misery.

This is

What am i doing here on this earth?

do i really deserve life, do i have worth?

i will stop and think and tell you the truth.

I want to die.

that is how i feel tonight.

I hear a compliment..

and it doesn't even help..

whats wrong with me?

Im so fucking retarded!

i deserve to be in pain

i deserve to be 'unhappy'

this is

i said it before,

and i will say it again....

until someone can understand this memory that unfolds before me...

will anyone ever understand me?

will any one ever care?

I wonder..

i sit and wonder...

i contemplate.. the fact that if they dont..

the will continue..

on and on..

day after day

until every shred of happiness is gone


misery is my life

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