Does It Matter

Last time I talked to you,

you seemed lonely and out of place,

I saw the distant look in your face,

You didn't want to hurt me,

No, not ever again,

So its best I move on,

and find someone else?

Where is the one I used to love,

The one that didn't let insecurities get the best of him?

Is he somewhere out there?

Where is the one that said he loved me,

and that love could conquer all?

I'd always be there for you everytime you fall,

Where are you now,

where did you vanish to?

You say for me to give up, is that how you want it, honestly?

Then here is your heart back,

please give me mine, the shattered pieces,

thank you for the mess you made,

just let it be, i'll clean it once you go,

But is there a reason to clean the pieces up?

I'm too broken to be put back together,

Why does it even matter?

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