Backed Into A Corner


I backed myself into this corner,

watching myself die,

a thousand times,

i heard the foolish things i said,

" I love you to death,"

"You're my whole life,"

How could I let myself become a victim in my own game?

I didn't see the signs of my horrible destruction,

I try to cry but my eyes won't let a single tear fall,

all of my emotions are tearing me apart,

Hatred; confusion,

Love; Mere Illusion?

I am strung by the string attached to an inner motion,

Stung to my death by a deadly potion,

My inner self won't let me be,

I want to escape myself,

I want to flee,

Dying would merely be a gift to you,

You'd only find joy in it,

So I will just seclude myself into the corner that I am backed into...~

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