Dawn Of the Awakening


The dark of nite,

the dawn of the awakening.

I arise to the sound

of the shots ringing from the enchanted gun.

Killing that whorish-bitch

for making fun of me was so much fun....

But now,

Her spirit is on the run.

She is fleeing from the scene,

the scheme, from my ecto gun.

I wished to make her nonexistent

in every shape and form...

she doesnt deserve to live,

even in ghostly form...

after the tragedy,

the shooting, the wreckage,

both her body and soul are deformed

and i have been mildy informed

that i was the murderer in this killing

but come to find,

it was the wrong whore that i had killed

it was all in good fun,

it was a game played under a tainted moonlight,

and not under the fire burning sun

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