All Thats Left is goodbye

Emotions are frayed

and hearts are shattered

red tears fall down

tainted and tattered

the wounds are caused

by your deadly words

leaving me bruised and battered

you said you loved me,

but I never really mattered

my thoughts are useless

and they leave me scattered

Left in puddles of constant confusion

Tired of the pain that love always causes

Goodbye is all that is left for me to say

I forget regret and live each moment as the last,

but I can't rid myself of my past

All that is left are the memories,

Bittersweet yes', no's and maybe's

Getting told that I'm young

and that I'll make it someday

I have come here to say,

Gone tomorrow,

here today,

Now is your chance to say

what you need to say

All that is left is goodbye

because love chose to walk away...

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