Without You 3

Without you

the sun shines

the rain falls,

the colours change

seasons rearange

life goes on,

without you

people smile

people go on for miles

poetr dream

weeperes scream

hearts rip at their seems

heat burns

Lifes go on, but i'd die without you

Without you

the bird fly

the playes go high

the rivers flow

the tides change

the clouds move

the days go by

without you

the moon still glows

the rivers flow

life goes on

but without you, i die.

Without you,

colours renew,

but I only know blue

the skys are gray,

anotehr day the depression stays,

wihtout you.

Without you,

lives go on,

but i die,

I'm gone wihtout you

the senses keep on going,

the heart keeps beating

the eyes still see, the ears still hear, the mouth still taste,

but I die

Lives go on,

but i am gone

because I die,

without you,

Without you I am nothing

I am nothing without you

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