Here I Go Again

Here I go again thinking of you

I promised myself I wouldnt do that today

You have moved on,

but not me,

Everywhere i go, I see you,

Everwhere is a reminder of how I can't move on

Life goes on,

Lives move on just the same,

the lights in my heart,

somehow they fade away

I feel alone in the universe,

I gave my heart to you,

but you never wanted it

Nothing makes sense without you,

I cant tell time,

Seasons never change

Here I go,

time goes by so slowly

I'm thinking of you once again

I promised myself I was done,

I just always thought you were the one

I'm calling out your name

because I can't move on

You were the on I always loved

but now you are gone

You hearts no longer mine to keep

I feel a stinging in my heart, so deep...

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