Don't you think

Don't think I don't know the truth,

because I do,

I know you cannot love yourself,

at the expense of someone else,

and you cannot rely on others for happiness,

I know that,

really, I do..

But, I love you, and need you,

to survive,

I find in you, the missing piece,

the one that completes me,

I loved myself because you loved me,

you made me truly happy,

I wouldnt be able to face myself if I lost you,

You are my everything,

without you I am nothing

and knowing that i could lose you,

makes me want to die,

I wish you were here,

only you can stop these tears i cry,

I need you here to end my fears,

tell me that you will stay forever,

and never let go,

I need you now, more than ever,

I would die without you...

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