The Kidnapping


Here I sit in the same old town

where the sun shines brightly,

but the rain never falls down

the dark and lonely nites i spend

make me hope for this dream i have,

not to be just pretend

all the cool people are so far away

i hope for us all to be together one day

I know it will take some work,

take some danger

but it will all be worth it

to get all us friends, and loved ones together,

to find us all a happy place to be forever

where the rain always falls

and the thunder always rumble

we walk around so comfortably as we stumble

This dream i have of a perfection so surreal,

would help the lives of the ones that deeply feel,

but what would I give to kidnap those I care about,

to make sure they would be happy for always,

that together we can live in a peace

that we never thoguht we could find

these thoughts are stuck in my mind,

who out there would help me make the kidnapping

a reality?

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