Fading Love

You keep telling me that it will all be fine

that soon we will be together,

its just a matter of time,

But i can't take the distance that keeps us apart,

I can't bear the feeling inside my heart,

you say that you love me and not to be sad,

but how can i just smile when i feel so bad,

truth is i would give you all that i had

but the distance makes that hard to do,

i can't go on living without you,

I want to believe all the words that you say,

that the love you have for me won't go away,

but it gets harder to take it every second you are not there,

When there is only silence,

no words spoken,

i fade a bit,

i am not there

i dont want to think of my life,

if you didnt care,

withotu getting to love you,

there is no more i could share,

love would be dead to me,


a void,

I would just die,

if with my emotions, you toyed..

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