Untitled [Feb. 2]

February 2007

Got caught in the middle of this game

Wondering who out there is to blame

How could I get so mixed up in my thoughts

I wonder who I am, I ponder what I am not

I know I am a mess.

Tripped up with lots of insecurities

I have a darker side to me

I will probably not smile...Because I am not happy

Can I trust you with my heart

That I am not very sure

I am a disaster waiting to happen

My heart will go back on the shelf till I can find the cure

I know I am the sign of imperfection

I am infact a bit insane

I like to hide behind my addictions

You will probably never see my Pain.

I thought things would change for once

That perhaps the tides my change

Thought maybe we had a chance

but I keep getting these looks like I am strange

What am I to you?

Am I just a big fool

Losing my best friend...say goodbye

If I lost my best friend..I would just lay down and die

My Hands now are shaking

My heart inside continues breaking

I wanted you to know me, to love me

I wanted to break through the chains

No words left, just my song...

Take the strings and strum along

Notes so lonely so solemn and dark

Hoping that love for you one day will spark

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