Lonely Girl



She's a lonely girl

No one in the world can she call her own

Does that make her a lonely girl

She's lost and so far away from home

This is the story of...

a lonely girl...

verse 1:

Her days are quiet, no one is around

She looks for a soul

But no one is there to be found

Crying endless tears

Wondering why nobody is ever there

repeat chorus:

verse 2:

Nights are solemn

and completely empty

Trying to put the pieces back together

Wondering if she'll ever feel better

All she feels is cold and numb

Wishing that she could be done

With a life that has become not her own

repeat chorus

Verse 3:

And the sun never shines in her world anymore

She wonders what life is really for

and she is the lonely girl

No one wants her around

no, no one wants to hang around the lonely girl

the lonely, the lonely girl

she is so lonely

repeat chorus twice and fade out...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12-19-06

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