One More Night


Verse One:

Tell me this is not the end

That we can turn back and just pretend

this never happened

No, it never could

becuase that would be crazy

and absurd


I would give anything to make this right

Please tell me we still have one more night


Lets start over,

Try again

I will do better,

I can try harder

I just don't want to wake up without you

To fix this there isnt anything I wouldnt do

Verse Two:

I am trying to hold on

Not let my will to fight be flushed

but by the second it is getting harder to see

that there is a purpose in life without a you and me

Repeat Pre-chorus & chorus

Verse three:

We have seen too much together

Felt so much, so deep

There should be anything we can't weather

but here we are apart and I can't sleep

Repeat Pre & chorus

Don't tell me that night was the last night

That will flush my will to fight

I will still be awake

Until we fight a cure to the confusion at stake

Repeat Chorus

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