--I'm Not What You Think--

September 07

Trying to change me?

Step back!

I'm telling you now

You better not be trying that

Point your finger at me

You better think twice

You will get what you deserve

I promise I will not be nice

You think you know all about me

Who I am, what I do

Well, I promise you do not know me at all

I bet you do not even have a clue

Do not like who I have become?

I do not give a damn because you are not the one

Judge me, I will right back

Mess with me, you better expect me to attack

Get off my back, I am not your friend

If you do not stay away, you are never going to mend

Rip me open, I really do not care

But if you make the mistake of messing with me you better be prepared

I am not like any other girl

But if you are kind I may just rock your world

I am sensative but I am tough

Do not be weak- step it up!

Remember my precious name

Say it more and bring me fame

You are just a pawn in my game

That does not bring me any shame

I am unique and I am not your type

However I may end up being someone you like

Do not worry about my feelings

Then I do not have to feel bad about not worrying about yours

You may think that I am selfish,

Maybe even self indulgent

I think you may be crazy

If you give a damn about what I am

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