I wanted To Be Your Cure:::

September 07

You loved me, bruises and scars

To me you shined as bright as the stars

What I loved most was that you gave me a chance

You let my heart find fulfilling romance

But good things do not last forever

and two people are not always meant to be together

I thought you were the one for the longest time

But now I know that you are not meant to be mine

But oh, i did love you, I promise that I cared

Why did you let yourself get broken, torn and scared

I wanted to hold you, and take away your pain

If only I could have said something to bring a little rain

It hurt me so much to see you hurting so bad

I never wanted to let you down or make you feel sad

I only wanted to help you, to be your cure

I only hope that now you can find that in her

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