Searched For Love

I searched high and low and in between

For love beyond my wildest dreams

Never thought that I would find it, but I kept searching on through

and then life led me to you

Our connection became so strong

With you, I knew life would never be wrong

I also knew I could overcome anything

Because for the first time

I found someone to love me in return

I searched for love all over,

Prayed and hoped and dreams of the most beautiful romance

and then you entered my life

and I found love in an abundance

We had the same dreams, hopes and wishes

A lifelong plan was in our search

But at the end of the day,

all we wanted was love

and with you, all my searching is through

Because I found everything- plus way much more in you

In you, I found the greatest, most inspiring love

Along with everything else I have ever dreamt of

I have searched the world,

Searched it high and low

and now I know that I will only go

wherever you decided to go

I found everything I have to find in you

and a beautiful miracle is that you love me too

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